In high school basketball, area schools get back on the court Thursday after missing a few days because of the weather.

The Cooper boys faces off against first place Lubbock Monterey. One of the guys they are depending on tonight is junior Kam Gray.

Gray is an important Coog in the Cooper machine. He says wants to become a leader, and he is getting better because of the job his coaches are doing.

Kam Gray said, “I’ve started to embrace it listening and understanding. And not listening for a response but listening to understand what they’re saying. Getting what they’re saying but not taking it in their tone and just worrying about what they say and not how they say it. “

Jaelyn Rivera said, “He’s like my little brother. He does the stuff that no one usually wants to do. He dives on the ground, he’s up getting rebounds as a guard, he’s just real energetic and I love playing with him.”

The Cougars return home to face Lubbock High on Saturday at 4 p.m.