The Cooper Cougars are back at home on Friday night, and they are bringing an improved offensive line with them.

The line started the season with a bunch of new faces, and injuries forced adjustments and added even more new faces.

Senior Joe Guevar says things are coming together, and the improvement shows.

Joe Guevara said, “We’ve got some fresh faces, some new kids on the line. I have full confidence in them and everything that they are doing on the line. I have a leadership role and making my teammates accountable, my o-line accountable, and making sure we are doing our jobs right protecting our quarterback and getting our run blocks right.”

Aaron Roan said, “The O-line is starting to click. They’ve been working with each other and working through some injuries, some different guys playing in those five spots. They’ve been working around that. They are getting more comfortable with each practice with each other and starting to do some things collectively that are really good together.”

The Cougars play their final home game of the season Friday night.

They host the Lubbock Westerners at Shotwell Stadium.