The Cooper Cougars are headed east for their area round game to face Grapevine Friday night.

The Cougars are bringing a offensive swiss army knife with them. D’Andre Ralston is called a receiver, but he’s much more.

Ralston plays all of the receiver positions, tight end, running back, and he takes snaps in the wildcat. He can do it all, and in fact that helps everyone else.

D’Andre Ralston said, “It’s a blessing to know I can use all of my aspects that I know on the field, and they can put me in multiple positions. It helps our teammates because defense has to recognize coverage and sometimes those can get broken down, and that leads to other people being open. That role of being able to play in multiple spots is pretty cool.”

Head coach Aaron Roan said, “His understanding of what we do collectively is what puts him in a position to do that. That intelligence factor is one that we are able to utilize and put him in a variety or roles to be able to help the team.”

Ralston and the Cougars get a major test Friday night, as they take on one loss Grapevine at Crowley ISD Stadium at 7 p.m.