Cougars are having more success throwing the ball and that helps everyone

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The Cooper Cougars start their playoff run on Friday night at Shotwell Stadium against Mansfield Summit.

The Cougars offense is generally known for their running game with the all-time leading rusher, Noah Garcia, leading the way, but now, the Cougars are finding their way throwing the ball.

That fact is really bad news for teams trying to slow them down.

Bryan Spotwood said, “It’s a lot of fun with us when we can mix it in. When we can run the ball, we can pass it because we keep the defense on it’s toes because we have a great running back and a great line.”

Aidan Thompson said, “Everybody knows 3. They don’t know our receivers at all, and that’s a good thing. We can sneak up on people, but as a team, we know what we are capable of because we put it in the weight room, we put it in on the practice field, and we are just showing our talents out there.”

Spotwood added, “When they’re dialed in on Noah and keyed in on Noah, we can just pop one in over the top, and they say, ‘Well, we didn’t know they can do that. Now we got to watch both.'”

The Cougars and that high-powered offense are at home Friday night for their first playoff game.

If you don’t go to the game, you can watch them play Mansfield Summit on AISD-TV’s Facebook page at 7 p.m.

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