I bet if either team coming into this game was told it would come down to a game winning drive, they wouldn’t have believed it.
That’s exactly what happened. It took 11 plays and an Ezekiel Elliot 2-yard carry in for the touchdown. So what game plan was discussed in those final minutes to come away with the win?
Ezekiel Elliot said, “Yeah, we used an inside zone play. We had been running it all day down there inside the five. Dak told us what the call was before they had went out and called a timeout. Came back in, same call. We kind of just looked at our offensive line’s eyes. Talk about resilience man, the way they got down there and the defense got that big goal line stop. Then us taking it 98 yards, man it just shows what this team is about and there was a lot of big plays that happened in between all of that. I’m just grateful and glad to be on this team.”
Tony Pollard and CeeDee Lamb both said, “It doesn’t matter how you win it as long as you win it”, and Mike McCarthy mentioned it’s hard to win games in the NFL and this was proof. The Cowboys are on the road to Jacksonville next week to take on a 5-8 Jaguars team.