ARLINGTON, Texas (BCH Sports) – The Dallas Cowboys were back in action Sunday after suffering a tough division loss to the Eagles. The offensive production for the Cowboys lacked in the first half but got things on track and moving in the second half. The biggest takeaway from Sunday’s game was Dallas’ defense, forcing five turnovers by the Lions’ offense.

Sam Williams said, “well I don’t know what the opponent offense thinks, but I mean, we’re just gonna keep going. Everyone has to play their top football, best football. It’s Cowboy nation, so I’m excited to see what’s next.”

Trevon Diggs said, “I mean when the ball is in the air, that’s our game so.”

Demarcus Lawrence said, “I mean it was huge, there was them bringing the ball downfield and then Micah to have that type of energy – to stop them on the one yard line – just gave us another opportunity to get the ball and thanks to God, we got it.”

The Cowboys are home again next week to take on the Chicago Bears. It’ll be another test for Dak and this Cowboy’s offense, but with the suffocating defense Dallas has, we can expect another great day in Arlington.