The Dallas Cowboys in their last 2022 regular season home game hosting the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams have clinched the playoffs. But there was still something on the line, a Dallas loss or a Philly win gives the division to the Eagles. Cowboys get down 10 nothing early in the game with an Eagles field goal and pick 6 by Josh Sweat. Then down again ten in the second half. Adversity is what keeps these Cowboys going in close games and never losing their composure in tough situations.

Ezekiel Elliot said, “I mean yeah we spotted them ten points. We can’t really be doing that. I say today we made it hard on ourselves out there a lot. Like you said, adversity. We prevailed through adversity. Even though we put ourselves through bad spots, we still made the plays to get us out of there and I’m so proud of this team and look forward to moving forward.”

Ceedee Lamb said, “Man I’m excited. I’m excited. I’m not even gonna lie to you. Great way to battle, us as a team. Man we always overcome adversity throughout this whole season. A resilient group and I appreciate each and every one of them.”

Micah Parsons said, “Man it’s tough, we gotta think we are going against one of the most explosive offenses in the league. I would say a top three offense all around. So it’s a tough spot to be in because of how explosive we are and guys banged up but I just go for the gut and relentless effort everyone gives. The nonstop even when things didn’t go our way, down 10-0 no one changed their heads. We just kept going, so if you grade the heart and effort those are the games the gutsy performances. Like I said the execution part, you can fix. But the heart and effort you can’t teach that.”

Dak Prescott said, “Yeah I mean that’s what this was, not only did it feel like a postseason game, but in a sense if we wanted a chance to even have a crack at still winning the division title then we had to go out and win this one. It’s already playoff football at this point, it’s about continuing to build momentum in these next couple of weeks as we head into the postseason and anytime you play the Eagles, or anytime you play a division rival it feels like the playoffs and that’s what the NFC East is about. Especially with all the teams being where they are with their success. So it was a huge win for us.”

Prescott threw for 347 yards and three touchdowns, while Dallas’s defense had four takeaways on the day leading the Cowboys over the Eagles 40-34 as the final score. They still have the Titans and the Commanders left in the regular season on the road before starting the playoffs.