Cowboys taking on Rams in second preseason game

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Tobin McDuff said, “Mickey, the Rams left some of their big names at home, what are your thoughts on that?”

Mickey Spagnola said, “Well they’re not going to play any of their first teamers in any of the preseason games, so it’s not surprising. You know the Cowboys coming from Oxnard, California they had about 12 or 13 players who weren’t going to participate in the game. So instead of having them fly here 5 hours and then 8 hours back to Dallas after the game, they just send them home. I think a lot of teams are starting to subscribe to that. The 49’ers last week didn’t play any of their starters and they’re saying we’re not playing any of them at all during the preseason.

Spagnola said, “I think the offense played one series last week against San Francisco, it was like 10 plays. I bet they go 2 just depending how long the series is, maybe three. The defense played a couple series, then they came out. I would imagine they’ll play a little bit more and what’s going to happen, Tobin, is some of these guys are going to have to go back in and play, because the injuries at corenerback, the injuries at tight end, they’re running out of guys even on the offensive line, so some of these guys, when you see the first team out there, you might see some first team guys or at least second team guys back out there.”

McDuff said, “Who has to make a move this week?”

Spagnola said, “One of the guys who I want to see is not a young guy who needs to be consistent is Taco Charlton. It’s his third year right? It’s time to step up. It seems like the last week and a half including the blue white scrimmage and the preseason game that he’s played well and he’s shown up. Now can he continue to do that?”

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