Cowgirls staying prepared during delays, host Howard Payne Monday

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The HSU women’s basketball team has dealt with plenty of canceled or postponed games because of Covid-19, but throw in weather delays and it makes the campaign even harder to deal with. Head coach Kendra Hassell says her squad is doing a good job of staying positive.

Kendra Hassell said, “The team’s doing great, usually they do better than I do to be honest. I try to say the right things, but obviously there’s times we get really frustrated because there’s so many things that we can’t control. You would think Covid would be enough for one year, but then throw in a weather situation like we’ve never seen.”

When you can’t meet or play for awhile, it’s tough as a team to prepare for your next game and set up a game plan. In these situations, you have to take what you can get and stay in shape as much as possible.

Hassell said, “We’re at that point in the season where the players are typically tired of practicing. You don’t wanna just get in the gym and work on your stuff, you’re used to working on the next opponent you’re gonna play and talking about what we need to do versus them. It’s hard to get back in there and go back to our basic drills, but we have done a little bit of that and it’s always necessary to continue staying sharp in fundamentals and do a lot of extra shooting right now.”

With weather delaying games and canceling practices, teams might tend to rest more and not get in the gym, but Hassell said her team is serious about staying on the court and keeping their momentum.

Hassell said, “I’m just so thankful I get to coach such great young women. We had days off of practice because of the weather, but they’re still trying to find a way to get in the gym to get shots up, they’re trying to get up and down just to get their legs underneath them, because they know that we’ve been playing well and breaks aren’t the best things for teams whenever they start to click, so they’re doing everything they can to just keep it going and keep that momentum.”

The Cowgirls welcome Howard Payne Monday for their next game and will remain in Abilene for the rest of their schedule.

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