The Dallas Cowboys held a pre-draft press conference and talked about the confidence they have in where they sit at #26 in the draft
and what’s to come before and after if needed.

A big conversation was stirred about Tony Pollard’s past injury and the possibility of adding depth at the running back role.

Jerry Jones said, “What comes to my mind when we have this conversation is, I don’t wanna be redundant with Stephen, is the physicalness and the injury factor. You can have one and the next play, not have one at a higher possibility there than any other position. So, we’re dealing with Pollard today, and we think Pollard is gonna be great. But, we also know that can change, it changed in one play against San Francisco. You gotta keep that into consideration. Do you need two backs, do you need three backs. Do you need one and the third one be a special teams as well and possibly would you need a fullback. There’s a bunch of nuances that go into this new running back conversation.”

The first round of the draft begins thursday at 7:00 p.m. The Cowboys have pick #26 on the night.