David Bacon convo with Cooper HC Aaron Roan


David Bacon said, “We’re live at Shotwell Stadium with the Head Coach of the Cooper Cougars Aaron Roan and I wish I was talking to you under better circumstances but your team just dug itself a very big hole very early in this ballgame.”

Head Coach Aaron Roan said, “Yes we did. We came out a little sluggish, a little slow, and that’s probably my fault in getting those guys ready but we kind of got behind early and dug ourselves a hole and then we were trying to scratch and claw our way out of it the first quarter and a half was not the best we’ve played and we’ve got to get better from that.”

Bacon said, “You were saying to the team afterwards this was a learning experience. What’s the learning curve going to be for this team this week?”

Roan said, “It’s a process, that’s what we’re telling them. Where we want to go and get to is still in front of us and so there’s going to be adversity and situations that come up and we’ve got to make sure we’re learning from them. We learn from the successes, we’ve got to learn from the failures and make sure we use this to move on and grow as a team.”

Bacon said, “What did you learn from this ball game tonight in your first game as Head Coach?”

Roan said, “I learned a lot, the lights shut off so you never know what’s going to happen, but there’s a lot of things I’ve learned that I’m going to take from this and I’m going to be better and our staff is going to be better and our players are going to be better.”

Bacon said, “One more question, your injury situation, a number of players had to come off the field, what’s your injury situation after Week One?

Roan said, “I’ll check with Doc, our trainer and we’ll evaluate that. It’s an unfortunate part of the game and we understand that and hope it’s nothing serious right now and I’ll check with our trainer and we’ll go from there. It’s the unfortunate part of the game and I hope our guys are going to be okay.”

Bacon said, “Well, good luck next week against Grapevine.”

Roan said, “Thank you very much I appreciate that.”

Bacon said, “Aaron Roan, the Head Football Coach of the Cooper Cougars who lost their season opener here to Keller 41-15 at Shotwell Stadium.”

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