David goes On The Road with Stamford Football

July 11th, 2018 - David Robinett said, "Head coach Ronnie Casey one of those joining me, coach Casey you're coming off a season where you guys went 3 rounds deep in the playoffs, you've got 5 guys back on both sides of the ball from that team, how prepared is this bunch to defend that district championship?"

Ronnie Casey said, "We set the bar high last year, no doubt about it, this is a great group we have coming in this year, they're hungry, they have a lot of passion and desire to go farther than we did last year, the way that season ended with a broken heart, we want to win that thing and go a lot farther."

David said, "Tell me what the summer has been like for the players. Do you feel like they've put in the work that they need to and do you feel like this particular group has come together like they need to before two a days start?"

Casey said, "This year when we first started summer workouts, we had 30-34 kids coming up and that's the most we've ever had since I've been here, so their attitudes have been right and that's a reflection on each other and pushing each other. Our 7-on-7 in the spring was the best that we've had so everything's clicking and I'm hoping we're all going in the right direction. Just gotta take care of the fundamental things."

David said, "Okay now we're going to flip over here to Tre Mitchell here, Tre you were a pretty big part of last year's team, had over 700 total yards and 8 touchdowns, how does your role change this year? Are you expected to be a little bit more of a leader? If so explain why."

Tre Mitchell said, "Well I've always tried to be a leader on this team, we have a team full of leaders so we all know what to do. We know what's expected. As my role this year, I'll be a bigger leader for the team also."

David said, "Tell me how important that is for your guys, for the team to know that you've got a team full of leaders. How helpful is that?"

Mitchell said, "It's very helpful. We can help the younger ones that are coming up become better players also become as good as we are. Let them know what we've picked up along the years."

David said, "The Stamford Bulldogs are a little less than a month, probably two three weeks away from starting two a days, getting ready for the next football season. They're trying to replicate or improve on their year that they went three rounds deep in the playoffs last year.

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