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BCH Sports Director David Robinett caught up with some Cisco Loboes to get them excited for the upcoming football season!

“Gibson Hearn joins me on my left now.. Gibson you will be playing quarterback for this team so tell me about the off season. how do you feel like the works gone? Do you feel like the team has done some good work in the weight room and out on the field?” David Robinett said.

“Yes sir. Our coach has put us through another hard off season like normal and expects us to work our hardest, work together as a team to put it onto the field and show it this coming football season,” Gibson Hearn said.

“When you play for a school like Cisco, you expect deep playoff runs. Last year y’all were disappointed and y’all got beat in the first round. How much did that push y’all since then to this point?” David said.

” Yea it definitely hurt but you cant dwell on the small things so it just pushed us and motivated us this off season to really work hard and hopefully have a good run this year,” Hearn said.

“On this other side we have Stanley Callahan running back and safety. Stanley… A question I’ve got is when you play for a program like Cisco and coach West y’all have been winning for years,” David said. “Probably for as long as you can remember they have been winning football games. What’s it like to be on a team, in a program like that?”

“I mean you just don’t take things for granted. You always have to work hard when he tells you to and when he’s not telling you to,” Callahan said.

“Coach West is kind of a hard nosed tough coach. I think that is putting it lightly probably but he;s also very successful,” David said. “Does the fact that every team he has had has been a winner help you guys every time he’s giving it to you on the field telling you what to do is it easy to just follow the direction?”

“Yes sir it is because he’s been through a lot of state championships,” Callahan said.

“Hopefully you can get one. Tell me how good this team is just based on what you think and what you’ve seen,” David said.

“I think we will be pretty good,” Callahan said. “We have a lot of returning players and starters and our line is young but i’m positive they will be pretty good.”

David and the rest of the KTAB crew will be out in Albany tomorrow with the Lions.

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