ALBANY, Texas (BCH Sports)– The Albany Lions are bringing back a lot of guys from the 2022 state championship roster.

This season is no different for them starting out the season with the same goal.

There’s a target on their backs and they’re prepared to work just as hard because it’s a new season with a fresh slate beginning on August 25th.

Adam Hill said, “We know we have a target on our back, so we’re just trying to keep working and not have anything really given to us, we have to earn everything. We’re working just as hard if not harder than last year because we know we’re capable of winning again and going back. We know if we just all work harder it’ll come together.”

Zane Waggoner said “I think it’s key to work even harder, twice as hard honestly. Even during scrimmages or even the preseason that they’ll met the state champs so we definitely have to work harder than ever.”

Head coach Denney Faith said, “These guys worked all Spring and Summer. We’re ready to get full pads on and go up against an opponent and be exposed. We’ve got two tough scrimmages coming up so, those guys are going to expose us and see what we need to work on. And we’re going to go to work on those things.”