Head coach Mike McCarthy and the Dallas Cowboys continue to work towards the teams first game of the preseason on Saturday.

The head to head battle between the offensive and defensive lines is a source of conversation in Oxnard this year.

So far, it seems like the guys on the defensive side of the ball are getting the better of the o-line.

There haven’t been many padded practices, but McCarthy sees it, too, but he says he sees improvement in the offensive line.

McCarthy said, “The offseason program, the training that you can do over the summer, it definitely more conducive to the defensive front that it is to the protection unit or the run blocking unit. The o-lineman need pads. They need the pads on to get the real work, to get the fits right. I see improvement throughout the week, but I’m not ready to crown one over the other.”

The Cowboy first preseason game of the year is coming up on Saturday night at 8 p.m. in Denver. You can watch that game on KRBC.