ABILENE, Texas (BCH Sports) – Let’s start with some high school tennis as one Abilene High student-athlete, Griffin Sullivan is on his way to compete in the district 5A regional tournament. after winning district in singles this year.

Last year he fell short coming in second place, but learned from his mistakes which allowed a different outlook for him this season .

A very big personal goal for Sullivan, one that he’s achieved and now he’s rolling as he travels to Lubbock next week for regionals.

“I think that I’ve grown a lot as a player. I feel like every aspect of my game, not only my shot’s but also my mental game has improved. And I just think I’ve gotten stronger with more experience and I think my mental toughness was my biggest strength this time around,” said Griffin Sullivan.

“The loss in the district finals last year provided some extra motivation for me to work harder and improve my game even more to comeback and get first this year. There’s not really any pressure at this point because I have reached my goal already, so anything beyond this is just a bonus,” Sullivan added.

Sullivan continues on to the regional tournament which is held next week.