Dog Pound Boxing taking three fighters to Vegas


On Clyde street at Dog Pound Boxing Gym, the fighters training under head gym trainer Larry Stokes put in work on a Friday afternoon.

Junior Stokes, William Sepulveda and Wildin Rodriguez, three fighters who are training at the gym, will have the opportunity to go fight in Vegas and compete against boxers around the country along with scouts and promoters who will also be in attendance.

Junior Stokes said, “It gives me a big opportunity get scouted, people looking at me, hopefully turn pro by the time I’m 17. That could be in a few months, it’s pretty big for me.”

William Sepulveda said, “It’s really gonna show how talented we are and what level we are. Abilene is gonna be able to be put on the spot, because we’re gonna go over there and show out.”

Wildin Rodriguez said, “This is big for any boxing career. Any boxer that wants to be in boxing, this is well put out for it and I’m grateful to be apart of it.”

Larry Stokes has had numerous fighters become apart of his gym and has trained them to be able to travel and fight at a competitive level. Stokes is thankful to have established the facility he has.

Larry Stokes said, “I take kids and I offer them to train for free so they can stay off the streets and give them something to do. I guess that’s why the Lord has blessed us with this gym. You know we’ve been blessed, we got exercise machines and for the kids we charge a small fee and if the parents wanna come in here and do any workout, they can come in here for free and do a workout.”

Larry, Junior, Sepulveda and Rodriguez leave to compete in Vegas August 19th.

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