BCH Sports Reporters Dusty Baker and Mary Margaret Johnson decided the best way to help send off the Wylie Junior Little League baseball team to Albuquerque was by crashing the team’s practice.

Dusty Baker said, “I’m a little rusty I’ve got to say so it’s going to be fun out here, I haven’t thrown a baseball in a while so it’s time to test out the arm.”

The Wylie Junior Little League team has advanced to the Southwest Regional, and Baker and Johnson felt their presence could help get the Juniors ready.

Mary Margaret Johnson said, “They’ll be playing in the next couple weeks and so we’re getting them ready,”

After warming up, Johnson decided it would be best to throw in the towel on her baseball career. Baker, however, went out competing for a spot on the roster.

Hays Sipe said, “He’s about our size so he matches up well. He’s going to have to prove himself, water polo might be his sport.”

Jayse Robinson said, “Maybe he should try up another sport, ping pong maybe, I don’t know.”

Duane Borho said, “He’s awesome, I mean I could tell right away he’s a ball player in his first couple steps, his first couple throws out there. He could play some ball back in the day. I’m going to need a birth certificate that says 14.”

Logan Renski said, “He was pretty good, he was making every play, making every throw right on point, hard. I’m scared.”

Luke Najera said, “10 out of 10, definitely recommend. I just hope he comes up big unlike the Dodgers in the playoffs.”

Ryan Price said, “I definitely think he’d have a starting spot on this team, he’d probably be one of our better players. From the looks of him, he’s a stud.”

Reese Borho said, “I think he’d be good, he looks like a heavy hitter. Looks like he could some homeruns for us along with Harry.”

While Baker certainly opened eyes after taking a six year hiatus from the game, not everyone was impressed.

Harrison Heighten said, “He had some flaws but he did pretty good, if he can pitch good probably he’d make it.”

Robinson said, “I don’t know, from what I saw out there, he was pretty sloppy. Overall a 3 out of 10. I don’t know, I don’t know about that guy.”