Here in the Key City are two brothers who play on a team together.
Ty and Brooks Armstrong are an extreme threat on the field being a dynamic duo for the team.

It seems like we are constantly saying Armstrong to Armstrong or brother to brother.
So what did they have to say about being on a team with your brother?

Ty Armstrong said, “Uh, it feels really great. Usually, growing up brothers don’t always get along, playing football together with my brother. We got this special connection. When he’s ever in trouble, he’s able to look up and find me and I get him out of trouble and same thing for him.”
Brooks Armstrong said, “I can do that but most of the time I get in trouble, because of him. During practice, we like to ya know go at eachother hard and know that we can go 100% at eachother and be fine. But in the games, that’s when we get competitive in practice, is in games when we’re clicking and we can finally go. You don’t meet too many people that get to say they played high school football with their brother. Or get to say that they were the duo, so it’s a cool feeling.”

Brooks and Ty Armstrong face Irion County next on their schedule this Friday at 7:30