Eagles return for summer workouts, optimistic for full 2020 season

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The Eagles are back in session. Abilene High is on its first week of summer workouts and starting their preparation for the 2020 season. Players are happy to see each other after spending a long time away from campus.

Senior Phonzo Dotson said, “It’s great to be back, I finally get to see my brothers after a long period of time. It kinda sucks still because of social distancing and we gotta stay safe and stay a certain amount of feet away. We can’t high five each other or congratulate each other, I miss doing that, I haven’t done it in awhile. But everything is going pretty smooth and I’m glad we’re being safe with what we’re doing.”

Speaking of being safe, different areas in Texas have had reports of players at every level testing positive for Covid-19 which could ultimately cause teams to quarantine once again. However, Head coach Mike Fullen explained that his team is staying safe and the school district has plans in place to prevent a Covid-19 outbreak.

Head Coach Mike Fullen said, “We have a plan in place. That’s why we have them in groups, so you can identify the groups. That’s we we have certain sessions for them to be at, certain groups for them to be in, that way we can we can identify what group we’re with each day by the coach. There’s definitely guidelines and the guidelines we put out are district wide.”

With Covid-19 still posing as a threat, the Eagles are confident they’ll play under the Friday night lights in 2020.

Dotson said, “I’m confident that we’ll play. A lot of us have been working hard, we got a good O-line, our defense is great and everybody is healthy. We’re very eager for the season

Fullen said, “I really think moving forward it’s looking good. I’m optimistic we’ll have football everyday in the fall.”

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