The Early Longhorns are coming off their open date and going into the biggest game on their schedule this Friday.

This is Early’s best start in 45 years going up against the defending champions, the Jim Ned Indians.

Head coach Daniel Price said, “We’re just gonna take a workmanlike approach. We’re gonna go in and play, and we keep telling our boys this isn’t the be all, end all of the season. Whatever happens Friday, we have four games at that in district that mean a whole heck of a lot to where we wanna go, and the goal we set out on. It’s exciting to be 5-0 and playing a really good Jim Ned team, but it’s also exciting knowing that that the goals we wanna accomplish are still in front of us.

Jaxyn Price said, “We just keep working hard and show up to work everyday, and it’s a new set of challenges we have to face and putting in new stuff as long as we work on it we should be.”

John Smith-Gordon said, “We’re gonna go out here and work 110% like always, I mean, this is a big deal going up against the defending state champs we’re gonna go at this like it’s another game, but we’re gonna go out there with a little more intensity a lot more actually. Just gonna act like it’s another game, but we’re gonna go out there and show who is ready to play for 6-0.”

Early is on the road this week going to Jim Ned who is also undefeated on the season, kickoff is shortly after 7 p.m.