Eastland and star quarterback Behren Morton just two wins from title game

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Behren Morton said, “Who has got my back?”

The Eastland Mavericks said, “I’ve got your back.”

Dylan Wilson said, “It was a wheel route and I ran down the sideline.”

Behren Morton said, “We got pressure up front and I had to escape the pocket but I saw Dylan raise his hand.”

Wilson said, “I didn’t know if he could see me or not but I was trying to get in his vision.:

Behren Morton said, “I was like it’s going to be a tough throw but I’ve got faith in Dylan and sure enough he came down with the ball.”

Wilson said, “He made an amazing throw.”

Behren Morton and Dylan Wilson teamed up Friday for what might have been the play of the year, connecting on an unbelievable touchdown pass to help lead Eastland to a 28-24 win over Holliday in the Regional round of the playoffs.

Wilson said, “My adrenaline was pumping like crazy and I could feel the crowd pumping in my chest.”

With that victory Eastland will now play their most important game of the year where the Texas Rangers once called home at Globe Life Park.

Behren Morton said, “It’s going to be really cool to see where some of the guys you idolized growing up watching them play, you get to be on the same field as them.”

Wilson said, “I’ve been to dozens of games and I never thought I’d be playing there.”

While the State Finals are now nearing, so is Behren Morton’s time coming to a close playing under his father at Eastland.

Head Coach James Morton said, “What’s our farewell speech to one another and things like that, I haven’t thought about that at all actually. It’s been a lot of fun being with him and just seeing him progress.”

December 18th is Behren’s final day of school before he enrolls at Texas Tech. He’s hoping by then he is a state champion.

James Morton said, “The way he’s handled some of the pressure and some of the people and the way that they’ve gone after him, he’s done a great job and I’m proud of that.”

Behren Morton said, “I’m there January 15th so it’s really cool to have them supporting me this early. It’s been a journey for sure and I just want to finish it out right.”

The Morton’s and the Mavericks will look to try to advance to the State Semifinals Thursday when they take on Gunter at 7 PM at Globe Life Park.

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