Eastland stampedes into the 2018 season


If you are looking for a team with firepower heading into 2018, look no further than the Eastland Mavericks, who feature multiple players with very high ceilings.

Head Coach James Morton said, “I see good chemistry with these guys,I see guys that care about one another and they care about the program, I see them helping young guys along the way. I think our offensive line gives us a lot of chances to do a lot things offensively, I’m really proud of that group in the way that it’s starting to gel together and become a unit, I think those seniors up there, they set the mentality for us.”

Behren Morton said, “It’s a special team, you can’t play with one player, you have to play with all 11. You can expect a good Maverick team hard nosed, we’re going to get after it this year.”

Zach Brown said, “It’s a gritty team for sure, we get after it, we’re a tough nosed football team. When you get full pads on, it’s go time and everybody gets really pumped and excited hitting each other and we’re just ready to hit other people.”

This offseason Quarterback Behren Morton, son of Head Coach James Morton, was offered a scholarship to play for the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. He is only a Sophomore, so there is plenty of time to see this budding star lead the Mavericks under center. And while the looks Morton may get from other schools throughout the season is certainly exciting, his focus is on the present and not on what’s ahead.

Behren Morton said, “I mean it’s incredible to be this young and to be recruited by Texas Tech is awesome but I don’t want to focus on that right now. I want focus on the team and I just want to help the Mavericks win football games.”

James Morton said, “He understands that part that he is just a part of that puzzle, he can help us and be special to us in a lot of ways but, in the end, it’s what we do together and it’s going to be fun, I’m really looking forward to it.”

The Mavericks open the season next week at home against the Comanche Indians. 

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