EASTLAND, Texas (BCH Sports) – 2022 was a rough season that saw the end of Eastland‘s 13-year playoff streak.

The work started in the summer, and the Mavericks and Schuman are ready to start a new streak of playoff years this year.

Grady Galyean said, “Last year was a rough year but we try to forget it and move on from that, but we also keep it in the back of the mind. But yea the energy has been high, it’s been good we’re looking for a really good season this year.”

Preston Rose said, “We’re kind of like getting it out of the way and don’t even think about it and just focus on what we have now. What we have now is way, way better than what we have last year.

New head coach Bobby Schuman said, “We’ve identified those habits that they had and the mentality and the confidence. We’ve really been focusing on that with us taking risk, making plays and ultimately having fun doing it. And not worried about what might be or what we did but what could we do and what can we be.”

The Mavericks get tested right out of the box.

They are headed southwest to take on Wall on Friday night.

The Hawks are ranked sixth in Class 3A Division II.