Former NFL player Eddie Meador recalls his childhood in Ovalo


After he was born in Dallas, Eddie Meador moved with his family to Ovalo where he would begin his legendary football career.

Eddie Meador said, “I started my career as a football player and a basketball player at Ovalo.”

Meador went to school in Ovalo before they consolidated with Tuscola to create South Taylor High School. 9 years later it would be renamed Jim Ned High School. His family moved to Arkansas after his 10th grade school year. He went on to play colleg ball at Arkansas Tech before being drafted by the LA Rams as a defensive back in 1959.

Mark Meador said, “Dad was really proud of being from Texas and being from a small town as Ovalo Texas is. Dad would take us fishing and hunting and kind of show us the country and the land and the area that he grew up in.”

Vicki Meador Baldwin said, “He knew exactly how to get to his old house. The house was built by his brother.”

Meador has come a long way from his time hopping barbed wire fences in West Texas. He now has four children, Mike, Mark, David, and Vicki. His first son, Mike, would go on to continue the trend of family athletes by winning 59 medals in the Special Olympics.

“There was a mountain called Bald Eagle Mountain,” Mike Meador said.

David Meador said, “Mike just couldn’t do it because of his disability.”

“My dad used to carry me up on his shoulders,” Mike Meador said.

Eddie Meador said, “No telling how many times I’ve been up on that mountain.”

David Meador said, “I think that fearlessness and just that confidence and that go-get-it attitude is probably part of what his upbringing in West Texas forged in him.”

On paper, moving to Los Angeles would appear to be a significant challenge for Meador.

Eddie Meador said, “When I went to LA, a little country boy like me going to Los Angeles, that was a little bit of a different story. Walking down the tunnel to the LA Coliseum and I look in the stands and 90,000 people are in the Coliseum in Los Angeles for an exhibition game.”

Instead, Meador thrived, leading to a 12-year career in which he racked up numerous awards, was a six-time Pro Bowler, and he still holds the record for most interceptions in Rams history with 46. To this day, he still signs autographs and memorabilia for all fans.

Vicki Meador Baldwin said, “It means a lot to know that he was so well respected by everyone. We had non-Rams fans that will email him and tell him I remember you, you hit hard and you ran fast.”

David Meador said, “What dad has accomplished on the field is really special, but what he has done off of the field is equally as special for us. He’s God in cleats.”

Eddie Meador said, “I love friends, my family, I just don’t know what I’d do without them.”

Eddie Meador currently resides in a retirement community in Florida.

Fans can connect with Meador on Facebook or on his website at

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