The Wylie Little League 12-year old All-Stars put the Big Country on the map last summer, by making it all the way to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. While representing the Lone Star State, Ella Bruning became somewhat of a celebrity.

Ella Bruning said, “14 peas in a pod, we just got along and worked well together. It was all amazing! Like, everything about the complex, the dorms, everybody that helped out. All of the volunteers.”

Ella is one of 20 girls to play in the Little League World Series, and while she was in Williamsport, Bruning became the 8th girl to ever get a hit, and the 3rd girl to ever have multiple hits.

Ella Bruning said, “I know I had a lot of support, which was very helpful, and I just like, I don’t know, it was hard to take in. It was really cool that I had so many people watching me.”

The spotlight was on Ella before she even hit the diamond, but her play on the field inspired girls all over the country to get out there and fall in love with America’s favorite pastime.

Bryan Bruning said, “Proud would be an understatement. I don’t knoiw if there’s enough words to describe it, but the way that she handled it, and the class that she handled it with was amazing, Then to see it play forward this year, and then to watch at ever level we’ve seen girls that are participating. There were three girls in the sectional tournament participating. There’s been a couple of girls that are participating in our little league, at the district level. It’s just been an awesome thing to see her impact.”

The Little League World Series is a great opportunity for kids and their parents to have fun, make friends, and even meet some cool people who they’ve looked up to for years.

Ella Bruning said, “Mo’ne Davis, that was one of the coolest things were did there. Getting to catch her first pitch. Jessica Mendoza and Julie Foudy, where I got to play catch with them, was just probably the coolest interview I’ve ever done, but then I got a video from Jennie Finch, just in regionals was pretty awesome.”

Ella and the boys made the most of their time in the national spotlight, and it was truly a summer to remember for everyone here in the Big Country.

Bryan Bruning said, “Just an amazing and humbling experience to make it there and see all that hard work come to fruition, and then let those kids perform on the highest level, and being there to watch it was just awesome.”

Ella Bruning added, “The entire team especially. We all put so much work in to just get there.”

The 2022 Wylie All-Stars start the Southwest Regional Tournament on August 4th in Waco against the Louisiana state champions.