The ACU Wildcats put the final touches on the spring on Thursday at Anthony Field.

15 practices for the returning players and new players with a new coaching staff.

The spring was a good time for head coach Keith Patterson to look at the current talent, so he knows what positions to target in the transfer portal.

Patterson said, “Every day we are continuing to evaluate every position and what our needs are. We do think needs more time to develop? Who’s ready to play and compete at a high level. That will continue to go on all the way through the end of May and even the course of the summer. Obviously, when you get into Fall camp in August, you are trying to get your team ready to play. The first two weeks of Fall camp will be another evaluation period for guys to see their development through the Spring and Summer.”

All of that evaluation continues right up until the opener on September 1.

The Wildcats host Lamar to open the 2022 season.