Everyone knows ACU Wildcat Madi Miller and if you don’t, by the end of a game you will.

Head coach Julie Goodenough said, “This season Madi is playing the best basketball she’s ever played as a Wildcat.”

Miller spent 4 seasons with the Wildcats before making the decision to come back for one more year. The call from head coach Julie Goodenough telling her that her jersey number was waiting to be put back on.

Goodenough added, “After the conference tournament, we all kinda went out own ways and I actually gave her a couple of days and then I just called her and said, ‘Hey Madi do you have another year of basketball in you and she was like well yes you know that I do’ and I said well you know I want you to play it at ACU.”

She came back another year to set some individual milestones and take on a new role.

Madi Miller said, “I think for sure it’s given me a lot of confidence knowing that everyone here wants me here and everybody here believes in me. Knows what I have to do but also I just love being able to play in front of people that care about me, and I think that’s what helped sway my decision the most was just like coming back and just knowing I was coming to be loved, and also do what I love and so that was a big deal.”

Being at a school for so long, some memories and bonds form that can never be forgotten.

Miller added, “I mean I have to go back nothing is better than winning a championship and it happened my freshman year and it was just a really special group. That group was really special. We went through a lot of adversity during that season, being 4th place going into the tournament and having confetti showers fall for us at the end, there’s just never going to be a better feeling than that.”