In his senior year at Baylor, running back and Abilene High alum Abram Smith rushed for over 1,600 yards and reached the end zone 12 times.

Smith’s outstanding play landed him an invite to the Senior Bowl, where he played well and his audience for the NFL Draft grew.

“A lot of time in practice we worked on pass-pros. So, I went up against a couple of good linebackers. Went one on one with them, routes, pass-pro and just being able to showcase that to scouts. Getting it put out there on social media is like, ‘Okay, bigger audience is starting to come and people are starting to see he’s not just this type of back. He’s like a all-down, every-down, all-around running back,” said Abram Smith.

Even though it is the most important week of his life, Smith is trying to keep his mind off the draft.

“Try to workout, try to get my mind off of it until the actual time comes for me to focus on that. Just getting my mind away from draft week, so I’m not like, I guess you can say in a way freaked out. Just keeping myself busy so that way I’m not freaking out,” said Smith.

However, Smith cannot help but think about his dreams coming true.

“Hearing my name like, getting a chance to hear my name called is gonna be like, I don’t know music to your ears. You know it’s like, all that hard work, finally paying off here to get to where we’re at is just like. I don’t know I’ll prolly lose it a little bit, I know my mom will be crying so I’ll look at her and know she’ll be crying. Like my dad is a little tough guy, he’s gonna lose it as well ya know. I’m really just excited to get to the next chapter of my life,” said Smith.

According to, Smith is projected to be drafted in the 5th round, which will take place on Saturday.

The first round of the 2022 NFL Draft is scheduled to start on Thursday night, at 7:00pmCT.