The Baylor Bears are picked to finish 7th in the Big 12 in Dave Aranda’s second season leading the way as head coach.

2020, as you know, was a different kind of season because of Covid-19, and Aranda missed out on some stuff as a new head coach.

The fact he got a spring with the team this year should make a difference in 2021.

Aranda said, “The ability to have the side conversation, the ability to have the one on ones, to make sure our players are eating their meals, for me to step in there and sit down with them and talk about their families and talk about their life, talk about their classes, talk about what they’re going through. Those times propel the times that you’re on the grass, propel the football piece when you really recognize and see people and give them time to be heard.”

The Bears are on the road to open the season on September 4 at Texas State.

They open the Big 12 September 18 at Kansas.