What is probably the biggest theat in your schedule so far?

Matt Fanning said, “I mean you can just go down the list of our preseason. We jump right off the bat with Hawley, who Mitch just got done talking over here. That’s gonna be a battle, we look forward to that one. We run into Holliday who is perennial power at the 3A Division two level. Then a good ole grudge match with Wall. Look forward to all of those.”

A big lingering question, is you had a big senior class. A huge senior class of offensive linemen, your runningback Xavier Wishert, quarterback Tate Yardley and your wide receivers. What is this rebuild going to look like this year?

Fanning added, “Well fortunately from a numbers stand point it wasn’t a huge class. we graduated nine seniors. Now those nine guys were really really special.”

So therefore, what are some players we should watch for this year and keep our eyes on?

Fanning said, “Well there’s always Gage Stanley, he’s still with us and playing right tackle and defensive end for us. He’s got a handful of division one offers already and a big part of what we do. Tanner Husman and a bunch of other guys, I mean we’ve got really good football players at Jim Ned. We’ve been blessed for awhile now.”