STAMFORD, Texas (BCH Sports) – Most high-powered offenses have one or two dominant ball carriers that appear on opponents scouting reports. The Stamford Bulldogs have four. Defenses can’t contain a single one due to their unique strengths.

Head coach Wayne Hutchinson said, “Every one of them bring a little bit something different to the game. We got power, we got finesse, we got agility in Christian, and we got with Jared that’s just unbelievably fast.”

“I have three running backs, I mean if you put them in at any given time, they’re gonna get yards,” said quarterback Christian Duran. “I mean if that doesn’t work, I mean I have my legs. I mean, it’s a great thing to have.”

Another great advantage, depth. Each player gets their turn to extend drives, while the others rest before it’s their turn to line up in the backfield.

Kaston Vega said, “We’re all like fresh coming in and out. Like me and Clay, we go drive for drive. So pretty much just, I don’t know, we all have like our little rotations in, and that really helps us stay fresh. It helps us be able to execute on plays better.”

And don’t forget about the big guys. Although skill players get the shine, the front five live for these types of offensive schemes.

“I love it when we can run right up the middle and go take off with it,” said Chance Birdsong. “So, I take pride in that as being an O-lineman. So I love any run play right up the middle that we can score on.”

Stamford continues to work towards what they can be truly capable of during this week’s bye week.