ACU head baseball coach Rick McCarty’s season is not done yet. McCarty is an assistant coach for the Wylie Little League All Stars this summer which his son stars for. Myles McCarty is that star hitting six home runs during the district tournament.

Rick McCarty said, “Honestly I wasn’t sure, I asked Miles if that’s something he’d want me to do, knowing this is probably the last opportunity I’ll have to coach him, so he said yes and I’ve jumped in and I’ve had a blast man. It’s been fun to pour in with these younger kids and it’s given me such a different perspective coaching a 10, 11, 12 year old now that I kinda know what they’ve gone through maybe when I get them at 18 to 22 so we’ve had a blast doing it.”

Myles McCarty said, “He teaches me a lot everyday like to be respectful and not to like even if you hit a home run not to like be cocky and just like watch it and just run, play the game, so then you can be respected as you get older. And then it’ll just be more fun probably.”

So far in postseason play, McCarty and the All-Stars are 5-0 scoring 56 runs in five games to take home the district five title last weekend. Wylie looks to continue their run against South Garland at 7 p.m. on Saturday in the Section Two tournament at Rocker B. Ranch near Graford.