Like most days in the spring, Ira head baseball coach Toby Goodwin is leading his Bulldogs through practice and helping them get ready for the next series. This series is a little different, though..

Toby Goodwin, “I started thinking, I’m gonna cry like a baby at that dagum meeting.”

This week, he leads his Bulldogs up against the Nazareth Swifts. The Swifts are coached by Goodwin’s son, Tyler.

Tyler Goodwin said, “Uh we’ve kind of been talking about it since last June, ya know the closer that we get to it and the seasons that we’ve been having, it becomes more of a reality and now that we can actually sit and talk about it and experience it, it’s gonna be a fun time.”

Toby Goodwin added, “It’s so special, it’s so special for me to be undefeated playing in the regional finals. It’s so special for my son to be undefeated and playing in the regional finals. Some people go, ‘This is such a cool thing.’ It’s just so unfortunate that we’re playing eachother, but I’m excited for him, he’s excited for me.”

Both of them are focused on one thing, getting to state, however the rest of the family is conflicted on who to cheer for.

Tyler Goodwin added, “Uh I told him the other day, ‘I think me and you are handling this a lot better than our families are. Ya know, my wife and of course my mom’s up and down the wall over it but.”

Toby said, “Everybody in the family is more stressed out than me and him, it’s the moment the regional finals. The opportunity to go to state. That’s where my focus is and that’s where Tyler’s focus is. Then you get to throw this into the mix, it just means that much more.”

No matter the outcome, a Goodwin coach is going to the state tournament.

Toby Goodwin said, “When we beat Westbrook the other night, that was the first thing I told Cristy. ‘One of us is going.’ Sorry, that’s just me. These guys will laugh at me but it’s cool it’s great and for the family and for the atmosphere. “

Ira and Hermleigh start their series on Friday at Lubbock Cooper at 7 p.m. The series continues on Saturday at 5 p.m.

The winner of the series advances to the state tournament.