Former Wylie Bulldog Case Keenum is starting his tenth season in the NFL, and his first with the Buffalo Bills.

Keenum’s role with Buffalo is really well defined.

He is the back up quarterback for starter Josh Allen.

Keenum likes what he sees in the Bills offense, and he is trying to get to the point that he can drive the Ferarri of an offense Allen and the Bills have, if he’s ever called on.

Keenum said, “I think I’ve been almost any situation you can be in, competing for a third, end up starting a full year, being the franchise guy, being a back up, getting pulled in for a couple games and back out. I’ve been all over the place when it comes to a lot of that. I’ve always treated my job as being ready to play, being ready to go out and get first downs, turn them into drives and touchdowns and win games, so that’s how I prepare, no matter what. It’s like a sportscar. I’m trying to get where I can drive it a little bit, and then had the keys back, if need be.”

The Bills are Keenum’s seventh franchise.

He is the back up on the depth chart, and he’s expected to beat out Matt Barkley for the job.