Even gold medalist can’t get an upgrade home.

The U.S. curling team tweeted Delta Airlines after winning its first-ever gold medal requesting they be bumped up to first class on their trip home. 

The airline did not have the response the four gold medalist were hoping for.

Twitter users were quick to criticize Delta for the snub, many calling it a missed opportunity for positive publicity. 

Delta released a statement on the upgrade denial, promising they will do everything they can to celebrate the team’s victory.

We are excited these Olympic champions have chosen to fly home on Delta, and we are looking forward to welcoming them on board. 

While there are no seats currently available for upgrades, we are working with our employee teams to celebrate their gold-medal achievement ahead of departure and in flight.

The U.S. curling team handled the rejection with grace, saying they are glad to celebrate the historic achievement in coach.