Graduating seniors leave behind big holes to fill for Cougars

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Every year high school athletes graduate leaving roster stops open for underclassmen to seize the opportunity. While the Cooper Cougars are replacing key members of their offense this year will be easier said than done, Head Coach Aaron Roan is looking forward to that challenge.

Head Coach Aaron Roan says, “It’s exciting for us to be able to watch and evaluate and see who some of those guys are to step up in those stops.”

Cooper’s all-time leading rusher Noah Garcia is graduating this year, leaving a massive hole in the Cooper backfield. In additon to Garcia, Quarterback Aiden Thompson will not be return either, creating a quarterback competition worth paying attention to voer the next few months.

Head Coach Roan says, “Cullen McMillen and Chris Warner are going to be competing I think for the quarterback spot and they’ve been doing a great job. So we’re looking forward to continued growth and development not only at those positions but throughout our team.”

The Cougars have four offensive lineman returning with varisity experience, and Coach Roan says the uncertainty at QB and RB makes it even more important for the offensive line to be one of the teams primary strengths.

Head Coach Roan says, “If those guys up front aren’t doing their job and aren’t working together then it really doesn’t matter sometimes who you’ve got back there.”

Brayden Flores added, “This week we’re gelling so much better on our schemes and on our passing and our chemistry, and by the time the season comes I think we’re going to be like just as strong as the last group if not better.”

Cooper is on a 14-years playoff streak, and the team says these spring practices play a major roll in their ability to extend that run this upcoming season.

Brayden Flores says, “You’re not Noah Garcia, you’re not Aiden Thompson, you’re not Brayden Miller. You’re you, and you have to work with your stengths and our coaching staff is great, they’re going to work with that strength and we’re doing that already.”

Head Coach Roan added, “If we continue to work like we have been and putting out best foot forward every single day and giving our best effort in whatever it is, we’ll have a chance to hopefully continue to be successful and keep that run going.”

The Cougars open the 2021 season during the last week of August.

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