A 17-year-old senior making a name for himself and his team, Bangs running back Guy Powell is the leading rusher in the Big Country.

“He’s a freak, he’s a crazy athlete and he’s just a great person. The best leader on this team and hardest worker, he’s just always in control of the game,” said quarterback Kenny Cole.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to be that guy. In the back of my mind, I always wanted to be that and to be that now it’s pretty great,” said Guy Powell.

In just seven games, Powell ran for more than 1500 yards, 105 carries, and 18 touchdowns.

“I spoke it in existence in the Summer, I told everybody I plan on having a big season, this year is my breakout season, and to see it actually happen it’s great. Playing with these guys is great. Upfront is what really makes it happen and I praise those guys but it’s good to see myself coming up,” said Powell.

As a young boy Powell says becoming an all-around athlete was driven by his family.

“Growing up my grandpa he’d tell me stories about his days, way back in the days you know running track or playing football. I wanted to be just like him growing up, so I kept it going,” said Powell.

“I’ve only had one other kid that’s ever-played varsity football as a freshman besides Guy, and to be here and watch him start in the 8th grade and then freshman, sophomore, junior, now senior year, it’s been such a blessing,” said Bangs fifith year head coach Kyle Maxfield.

Maxfield says watching Powell take the reins and grow is something he’ll forever cherish.

“He’s put the team on his shoulders and his leadership on and off the field is what you’re really proud of. He has a bright future, he’s a really bright kid and just makes really good decisions and we couldn’t be happier for him and that he’s wearing green and white,” said Maxfield.

Now that Powell is a senior, he has his eyes set on playing division one football.

“I’m going to go play football, I’m going to be out there running the same way I run out here. I’m just going to try to have fun out there,” said Powell.

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