HAMLIN, Texas (BCH Sports) – The Pied Pipers are breaking in a new coach. Jason Botos is the third head coach in the last four seasons in Piper land. 

From head softball coach to leading the football program, Botos is not new to Hamlin. 

Three coaches in your high school career is a lot, but that’s what the senior class has endured. 

Now that Botos is at the top, the players are confident things will turn around. 

Senior AJ Rivera said, “With Lucas, we were always a good team, we always made playoff runs. And then Evans came in and it kind of changed, everyone’s attitude shifted because it was a new head coach, and no one really knew anything about him.”

Rivera went on to say, “Now with Botos, he was under Lucas so it’s kind of like he knows how this program can be and how successful we’ve been in the past.” 

“This is something that every coach, well at least the majority of the coaches I’ve been around, it’s what they dream of, is being able to run a program and do it your way,” said head coach Jason Botos.  

“Man, I’ve got a great group of kids that’s buy in. Boys, girls, the teachers, the community, they’re all behind us and it’s fin. It’s fun to see them get after it,” Botos added.