Hamlin’s Lozano doing BIG things for Pied Pipers


It’s arguably the play of the year and has been seen across all social media platforms. Austin Lozano, the Hamlin Pied Pipers 6’1 295 Tight End, on a 3rd and 21 snagged the pass from Braydin Warner and would follow with the most incredible run after a catch you will ever see, shaking off tackler after tackler, refusing to go down, before diving into the endzone to put the Pied Pipers up over Wellington. One could argue he’s Hamlin’s version of Jerome Bettis, also known as “The Bus.”

Austin Lozano said, “It started developing the way we wanted, bringing a lot of pressure, it was a screen play. Devin had a good block on it, got past that, and I just had to keep moving my feet through the troubles.”

Head Coach Russell Lucas said, “I thought it was going to be a good gain, thought it was going to be a first down, it was a third down for us and we called the play to make a first down. We know that when he gets the ball that there is a chance that he is going to make a big play but that play was just freaky.”

The crazy run is just a small sample of what Lozano is capable of doing. He has been a presence at the Tight End position, on the Offensive Line, and has stifled offenses from the defensive side of the ball.

Lucas said, “He’s an amazing athlete, the balance that he has, strength, speed, all those things to me were exhibited in that one play. I hope somebody sees that, that needs to see it that allows him to play at the next level.”

Lozano said, “It feels amazing and I just have to thank God for this opportunity and I just love my teammates.”

Hamlin and Lozano take on Plainview on Thursday in Plainview at 6 p.m. The winner advances to the Class 2A Division II state championship game.

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