Hamlin’s Russell Lucas is the Abilene Teacher’s Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week

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Russell Lucas said, “Hamlin’s been great to us. We love it here. It’s just kind of become home for us.”

Hamlin was Russell Lucas’ second stop as a head coach, but it was his fifth stop in his coaching career. That’s the nature of the job, but Lucas and his wife wanted to put down some roots for their three sons. Piperland was where they decided to just that.

Lucas added, “Where are they going to call home?’ ‘What are they going to be able to do. We’ve already moved around. This was their fourth or fifth school. It just kind of worked. Two of them are now married to Hamlin girls.”

Now, one of his sons, Ryne, is coaching with his dad in Hamlin. Some coaches kids get to play for their dads, but few get to coach with them.

Lucas said, “Most days it’s a lot of fun. We’re good friends, and we have a lot of fun. Sometimes there are too many Lucas’ in the fieldhouse.”

Ryan Lucas said, “The aspect that I can go in there and kind of tell him what we’re thinking and not be afraid to get some backlash because I’ve been used to that my whole life is pretty neat neat.

Another way Lucas made Hamlin his home is he found a church home at the local church of Christ, and he is now an Elder. Coaching takes up enough his day, so he has an agreement with the other Elder’s this time of year.

Lucas said, “Same way in the church, there’s a group of Elders, and it’s a great group of men, and a group of deacons that are really hard workers and good men. This time of year they know I’m not going to around as much.”

The Class of 2021 in Hamlin was in Kindergarten when he showed up, and they’ve watched coach Lucas win 107 games with the schools first trip to state in 2019. They grew up with him, and they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Ethan Byerly said, “It’s awesome. Since we were little kids, we’ve looked up to coach Lucas and seen him coaching up here and seeing the great teams that he’s coached. We wanted to play for him. We’re just blessed to have him here this long. It really creates an environment in town and a tradition or winning. He created that here.”

Lucas added, “I tell people some days I can’t believe they pay me to do this, but they do, and I’m going to keep cashing those checks.”

Hamlin head coach Russell Lucas is the Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union Coach of the Week.

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