Whether you’re a Hawley Bearcat fan who watched this team’s dreams of a state run last season come true, or a loyal Albany Lion fan who has watched this team come so close to a state championship several times in the last decade.

Whoever you’re cheering for, this matchup between the Lions and Bearcats is the place to be and here’s why.

Albany head coach Denney Faith said, “They’ve got an outstanding football team, loaded with seniors that have played in a state championship and there’s a reason they played in a state championship. They’re really good. It’s gonna be a big challenge for us and we look forward to it.”

Hawley head coach Mitch Ables said, “It’s a good rivalry, they’re a good well coached physical team, that’s what we need to see where we are playing somebody like that.”

It’s a battle of the undefeated, which means one of these teams’ perfect record this season will end.

Hawley’s Rodey Hooper said, “I mean whoever wins and whoever loses, I hope we come out on top, but if not our plan is to still go and win state and hopefully same for theirs.”

Albany’s London Fuentes said, “To us it’s just another game, you don’t look at it as anything else. It’s not district, you’re just playing to get better. Both teams are.”

Hawley’s Kason O’Shields said, “It’s a pretty big game, everytime we play Albany it’s always a physical rough matchup. We both come out and just wanna win that game so much.”

Albany is dealing with some injuries from last week, one of those losses is star quarterback Cole Chapman to a meniscus tear.

Faith added, “I mean we’re just gonna come out and play. Everybody has injuries during the year, you just gonna figure out a way to overcome them.”
Albany’s Koy Cauble said, “People wanna play, and the coaches don’t let us quit when we get down like that. It really helps us out in the long run.”

Hawley’s Austin Cumpton said, “Well anything can happen and oyu can’t underestimate anything, I feel for those guys because I had a rough season last year and being a senior and going out like that it sucks. I know they’re probably heartbroken. We’ll play for them, because we’re all good friends.”

The battle between the Lions and the Bearcats is set to kickoff here on Friday at 7 o’ clock at Faith Field.