The high school football regular season is winding down this week and we’ve got a great game in class 2A Divison I. The #2 Hawley Bearcats to host #8 Cisco Loboes.

It’s a game you’ve marked your calendar for and it’s what we all expected it to be. A pretty important one.

Rodey Hooper said, “I mean yeah, there’s gonna be pressure. We beat them last year and they’re coming for blood this year. I mean, we’re both coming for blood and it’s just like our biggest rivalry basically.”

The Cisco Loboes playoff run was cut short by Hawley. The Bearcats beat them 17-14. So the Loboes have a chip on their shoulder going into this game with unfinished business.

Trent Huston said, “Oh yeah it’s definitely been a thing we’ve been looking forward to the entire year. Ever since we lost in the fourth round last year, it’s just been Hawley.”

The Bearcats made it all the way to state last year without star running back Austin Cumpton, who suffered an injury the week before the Cisco game. Injuries have hit the Bearcats again with Kason O’Shields out who plays a vital role in offense, defense and special teams.

Austin Cumpton said, “Well I mean, we’ve dealt with this before. Even with myself and it’s just next man up. We have a lot of great athletes and he’s a tough one to lose cause he does a lot for us and it’s just one of those we gotta fill some spots for him.”

Both teams know each other well. They’ve met the past three years now in their seasons, the last two were in the playoffs. This year is for a district championship and Hawley’s looking for their fifth straight. A lot more is riding on this game than that gold trophy though, whoever wins has a better road of getting to state than the other does.

Hawley head coach Mitch Ables said, “We hope we improve our seed Friday, but if we don’t, you still gotta win or go home. So that’s still our mentality and mindset on it.”

Cisco head coach Kevin Stennett said, “Ultimately we’re expecting a playoff run and hopefully getting a chance to meet them again and that’s gonna be the one that matters.”

Hunter Long said, “Ya know, I just think it’s gonna be a good matchup. I’m nervous and I’m just happy and I’m just ready to go out and do it. I just can’t wait to see what happens.”

Cisco has a run game with Hunter Long and Trent Huston, while Hawley has a pass game with Diontay Ramon and Will Scott. So it’s really anyone’s game of who wants it more.