The Hawley Bearcats are one of ten Big Country schools playing this weekend in the third round of the playoffs.

The Bearcats are coming off an outstanding performance on the offensive side of the ball.

Head coach Mitch Ables put 72 points on the board.

It looked more like a basketball game than a football game, but that’s what the Bearcats can do when they are rolling.

Head coach Mitch Ables said, “Ya know, we were just kinda clicking. Austin was getting some tough yards inside, Diontay and Chandlin were getting yards in the air. So, Rodey did a good job of getting it to the guys it needed to get to.”

Austin Cumpton said, “We just went out there and did our job, it felt like a tougher challenge. I think we just came together and played a good game. Just made some big plays and they just gonna let down on us.”

So far this season, Hawley scored 527 points in twelve games.

They try to add to that total on Saturday against Sonora in San Angelo.

The game starts at 7 p.m.