Coach Ables, last year you made a state run, getting state runner-up. Talk about last year’s success.

Mitch Ables said, “It was a fun year, fun year for everybody and the community. It almost seemed like a never-ending season. When you look back, you’re trying to pinch yourself to make sure it really happened. We’re just hoping we can build on that.”

The team to beat to get to state was Cisco, kind of touching base on that, they are now in your district. What are the thoughts going into district play this year?

Ables added, “They make the district tougher, and it just happened to line up that that’s the last game of the district season. I’m sure that will be on everybody’s calendar the Cisco/Hawley game. Try to take it one game at a time, and when we get there we’ll cross that bridge.”

Any players to watch for our fans or even our sports media people to look out for this year?

Ables said, “Well we are senior heavy this year. We will rely on a lot of people this year, I mean Kason O’Shields, I think he’s played over 40 games in high school and this is his senior year. Him, Will Scott, Austin Cumpton, Rodey Hooper and the list goes on and on. We’re expecting big things out of our seniors and only going as far as they can take us.”