The Hawley Bearcats average 45 points a game. None of that would be possible without senior quarterback Rodey Hooper.

Rodey Hooper said, ” I mean I think we’re closer as a team, and I trust my receiver’s more. I think I’m more, like I’m more composed in the pocket and I trust myself more.”

Hooper’s leadership started back when he was a sophomore. Starting midway through Hawley’s schedule and he had to learn a lot very quickly.

Austin Cumpton said, “I think he’s done well. He kind of took on that role a little bit late in the sophomore season. He’s done well and he’s improved. He’s worked hard and goes to summer camps and does all that extra stuff to get better as a quarterback and I think he’s gotten better mentally.”

Head coach Mitch Ables said, “He’s just like every kid. Ya know, he came in as a little freshman four years ago, and had to play a bunch as a sophomore and he’s grown a bit on the fly too. Cuse his sophomore year he had to play a lot and you can just kind of see the progression and from sophomore to now and it’s like a totally different kid.”

Since then Rodey has grown into an extremely productive player as the commanding officer of the offense with 29 touchdown passes and almost 2700 yards

Will Scott said, “He’s really grown up a lot from last year and the year before, it helps when you have experience from the previous years and you have a good quarterback coach and coaches that trust you to make the right decisions. We all trust Rodey to make the right decisions.”

Kason O’Shields said, “He’s a lot more comfortable in the pocket there. Like, he knows that he’s got a line to protect him and he can throw it deep and hopefully we’ll go get it. A lot of coaches put a lot of pressure on him but they know he can turn out and do it.”

Up next is the Cisco Loboes for the Bearcats and Hooper is 1-1 against them in the playoffs. The game is Friday at 7 here at ACU.