The Hawley Bearcats ended the season with a perfect 10-0. It’s the second time in school history for an undefeated regular season.

It was in doubt on Friday night for most of the game against Cisco.

As a matter of fact, the Bearcats didn’t take their first lead until the game-winning score with three seconds to go in the game.

Rodey Hooper drove his team 77 yards in the last minute of the game and sealed the victory with a touchdown pass to Will Scott.

It was an impressive drive at the most important time.

Head coach Mitch Ables said, “You always think that you are going to be able to handle it. We work on a May Day situation, which is our two minute drill, every week. You are hoping they rise to the challenge, but they are teenage kids, so you never know what’s going to happen. Kind of like the first play where we were not ready for the snap and have to start at the five yard line instead of the 25. It’s tough. You hope they learn, but you never know.”

The Bearcats begin their attempt to return to the state championship game on Thursday in San Angelo against Christoval at 6 p.m.