The Hawley Bearcats continue district play this week,and as the third ranked team, they have a target on their back.

It’s a hard target to hit things in large part to the play of Austin Cumpton.

The Bearcats 6’1″, 210 pound running back is coming off a knee and neck injury that limited his play in 2021.

He is playing this season like he’s got something to prove.

In the first five games, Cumpton rushed for 757 yards and 13 touchdowns in five games.

That’s good, but he says he can get better.

Cumpton said, “It’s good. I feel like I can still improve. The line is good. They are still working up front. They are doing a good job, though. They’re only getting better every week. As a team, we are doing good. Defensively, that’s what I’m working on the most. It’s good. Last year was rough. I think most people know that. To be able to comeback this year and still be healthy and still be going, it feels good.”

Head coach Mitch Ables said, “It’s great to see him healthy. We don’t wish on him what he had last year, last season. He’s stayed healthy. He runs hard. He plays hard. He’s been a huge asset to us, so far.”

Cumpton leads Hawley into their third district game on Friday.

The Bearcats host Colorado City at Forrest Field.