ABILENE, Texas (BCH Sports)– The healthy rivalry between Snyder and Sweetwater is back for another season with the same stakes as last year.

The Snyder Tigers travel to the Mustang Bowl to take on the Sweetwater Mustangs this year for the regular season finale.

Like last season, it may be a battle for a spot in the playoffs.

Last year the Tigers beat the Mustangs, 28-0, but this year’s matchup could be an even race.

Jaidyn Forbes said, “I cannot wait to play them. It’s always fun, it’s a dog fight for sure but yeah I cannot wait for that.”
Brandt House added, “It’s good to have a rivalry to look up to and look forward to so we’re really excited to get after that again after last year.”
Dom Dominguez piggybacked, “It’s a pretty big rivalry, it’s always been there and just ready to play them.”
“Yeah, well Snyder we just gotta keep our composure and just whatever happens we just gotta, if something good don’t happen for us we gotta keep playing. We can’t just after one play, just fall apart. We gotta just keep playing the way we play.” said Korda Moore.

The game is set to kick off on November 3rd in Sweetwater at the Mustang Bowl.