Most of understand how important a state title is for the athletes that play sports.

We forget how important it is for the coaches and their families.

After Hermleigh won the state title in softball, you could see Lady Cardinals assistant Heath Gibson hugging his daughter and Hermleigh bat girl, Josey.

They were both very emotional, and Josey was still emotional when talking to Ravin Ray about winning and being a part of the team.

Gibson said, “It feels great! It feels amazing. These girls are so fun to be around and they work so hard. It’s just great to be here.”

Ravin Ray asked, “How great is it to be a bat girls for these girls?”

Gibson replied, “It’s so nice. They are so kind, and all they want to do is take care of me, and I love them so much.”

Ray followed that up with, “How does it feel that your dad got a gold medal, too.?”

Gibson added, “I start crying the whole time because I love him so much. He’s just so great, and I get to be here with him.”

Ray said, “You’re so sweet.”

Gibson said, “Thank you.”

Ray said, “Congrats!”

Gibson said, “Thank you so much.”

Hopefully, the Lady Cardinals will be back next year, so the team and Josey can celebrate back to back state championships.